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name / Artist: Paul Docherty

WERE OK number 2

Art title: THE COVID 19 EXPERIENCE 2020-1

Materials used: South American hardwood, acrylic paints, lacquer, epoxy resin, stains,

                 string, cotton wool, wire, sand, sponge, cocktail sticks, wax. 

Sizes: All pieces are based on a 75mm x 75mm wood section (plus / minus)

: with heights varying from 40mm to 310mm which includes any wirework

sculptures attached.  As per the group photograph indicates.

Description: I thought up this sculpture theme whilst I was locked down for some 2

years in Buenos Aires. The collection depicts my personal view on the

Covid 19 virus 2020-1.

Each piece has its very own take on the situation as a visual explanation

together with an appropriate nameplate attached.

This is a one-off collection of wooden sculptures which took me some 4-5

months of thought and work to complete.

Each piece of wood is scrap from a construction site, no cutting nor

                alterations, only cleaning up, sanded, waxed etc. … 

Asking price:

COVID-19 Sculptures. Are sold as one Collection. This price is for all 19 Pieces £1985. We have breakdown to individual items you can see, Of the collection. So, click to buy you buying all 19 pieces.

interested email openspacegallery007@yahoo.com quoting reference above

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THE COVID 19 collection


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