Two Metronomes’ Ref-256


Name of Artist: Diana Curley

Title: ”Two Metronomes’

Abstract Contemporary wood relief paintings. 2 x 10″ inner panels on base with attached triangles having string threaded through these which have two nuts attached. They swing on air current and persons passing by. Movement is a feature in my work. A conversational piece Size 36cmx77cm.

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Diana E Curley – BA (Hons) Painting

‘Biomorphic’ – Painting and Sculpture Sitting Side by Side

‘The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak’. Hans Arp

Diana’s innovative work encompasses the complex and fascinating aspects of her life and process. Her work is smart, meticulous and methodical and has pursued a style and way of thinking that is a celebration of her parent’s skills. The relationship to the materials hints of narrative and/or representation. The process of layering, reconfiguration and repainting continues until a kind of resolution is achieved.

Diana has exhibited widely in previous years within the Worcestershire, Shropshire and Herefordshire and surrounding districts showing very different work. To have been invited to paint in Monet’s Garden several years ago was a very awe inspiring experience.

Mixed Media Artist


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