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Artist Naomi Walker name of art blue white interested email quoting reference above


I work as a copywriter, so I’m a keen promoter of my work – both writing and art!

I’m an artist from Northumberland in the UK. My work is quite unique and, considered by many clients, as inspirational.

I work with the energies of the Earth, ourselves and the plants and animals we share our planet with. My interpretations are considered by some of my clients as quite spiritual, I hope to provide people who view my art with a glimpse into a different dimension – a dimension where colour and shape evoke and change emotions.

I’ve been selling extremely well using social media, personal contacts, galleries and solo exhibitions. I’ve actually sold three paintings in the last three days and taken a commission! I am currently working on pieces for a solo expo in the Lake District in the New Year. As I’m also a writer, I’m doing a lot of my own promotion for this exhibition through press releases and magazine articles.

I work quickly and generally prefer to work on large canvas, although I am able to work on smaller pieces when requested or it is necessary. My work is in acrylic and is created on box canvas so it’s light and easy to send to anywhere in the world.


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