Amongst the Bluebells & Bluebells Galore Ref-892


These Paintings come as a pair. Left -Amongst the Bluebells Right – Bluebells Galore Size – 12 inch x 9 inch x 0.5inch deep Canvas Box Frame, each, ready as is to hang. They are Acrylic & Oils Medium Price £100 for the two

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” I am an Artist living in East Yorkshire. I returned to my Art when forced to close my tuition business by Lockdown , but have loved every minute while painting. My inspiration comes from the beauty I see in nature & I adore using colour. I generally paint on Canvas Frames & use Acrylic & sometimes Oils on top. I always varnish to give further sun fade protection.”

“My inspiration came from seeing many Bluebell Woods around England. I love them, especially when the sun shines through the trees. Here I have added rabbits to add a bit of life. Both are one offs”

Elaine Axon

Left -Amongst the Bluebells

Right – Bluebells Galor


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