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If you love paintings, sculptures and other works of art, Open Space Gallery is the right place for you. Since 2016, this online art gallery has been a space where artists and art owners can attract buyers and display their artwork to art lovers.

You have access to hundreds and hundreds of pieces artwork for sale. Covering a wide range of categories, all so with featured artists.

See something you like? To place an order, by clicking the artwork. You like to buy. Click and pay or contact openspacegallery007@yahoo.com Each artwork has its own reference number.

Open Space Gallery lives up to its name. This gallery is an online space that accepts all types of art to buy and sell. We welcome business & private buyers. Please see our video for further visual information.

Are you an artist? Submit your work to us today.


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Featured Artists

Trevor R Plumber

Robert Petcher

Michael Connolly

Sabiha Mansoor

She Nick

Raymond Warrillow BA

Nick Elliot


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